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Dr. Daniel Mckorley Writes: Garbage All Over.

Walk down any street, any highway in your area and you will see garbage all over. You will see people walking and ignoring the litter they pass by. You may even see someone throw rubbish from a car or just drop it as they walk. Who do they think is going to pick it up? Who do you believe should pick it up?


Every Pupil Deserves Educational Needs For Success – Dr. Mckorley

Writing he noted, you may have seen these pictures before. Now, let me tell you why they mean so much to me. For someone who came from a poor and penniless background where my parents couldn't give me the greatest of education, I have come to appreciate that everyone—especially kids and teenagers at every age and stage—deserve the educational tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves.