The sitting MP of the Ayawaso West Wougon ,Madam Lydia Alhassan is calling out to the public for help to support victims of the fire out break that left “kiosk estate ” at Shiashie in ruins.

She made this statement to the media , when she visited the site to distribute some relief items to the victims .According to her they are doing their best to help the victims , however they still need external support.

“As you can see we came to support the victims with boxes of food items ,but how long will this last ,it wil not be enough .We are therefore using this opportunity to call on the public for help ,not just people from the constituency ,we need your support to help the victims”

According to some victims , Lydia Alhassan provided beds and accommodation for them in the night.

In an interview with the media , the owner of the first kiosk that caught fire said it was caused by a light switch in her kiosk.

“I returned from a journey , entered my room and turned on the light and there was a spark of fire that started spreading ,I started calling out for help but the fire continued to spread.

Reports say no one was injured as a result of the fire but lots of properties were lost.

John Dumelo, the National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary candidate for the constituency also distributed food items to the victims and according to him they are putting measures in place to help them with accommodation.