A recent video by the BBC Africa Eye in collaboration with Ghana’s investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, and his team, exposed some health workers in Ghana, selling Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE’S), buying and diverting supplies at the peril of their hardworking colleague front liners.

It would be recalled that while the country became overwhelmed in managing the COVID-19 cases, most Health Workers and health facilities appealed for support from government and the general public. This appeal was to support them with PPE’s to help maintain effective protocols for their safety. Individuals and government officials responded by showing generosity to their plea including the president, H.E Nana Akufo Addo as well as former president, H.E John Mahama.

 As front-liners continue to deal with this predicament, some officers in charge of managing the PPE’S at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital had their selfish agenda as they seek to enrich themselves with the sale of the PPE rather than saving the lives of their colleagues.

The video  cited one Mr. Thomas Osei, a Pharmacy Worker selling multiple loads of PPE’s inside the hospital with the protective cover alls for Six Hundred Ghana Cedis (600ghc) saying one of the shades of PPE he sold to them was meant for the nurses.

Investigative Journalist Anas, described his attitude as one who was unconcerned about selling the life saving equipment’s for his selfish gain.

Dr. Hadi Abdallah, a renowed surgeon in Ghana who was faced with a lack of PPE in the delivery quality health care while treating Covid-19 patients, after watching the video said’’ this is unbelievable, its so bad, its wickedness. We were faced with lack of these equipment’s and our head of department had to manually create one for us. We have heard on many occasions the president indicating in his address the many times they have procured PPE’s for us yet we those on the grounds didn’t see them’’

Dr. Abdallah further added that the culprits should be severely punished by the law without mercy.

Both Thomas Osei and Divine Kumordzi who were cited in the documentary were suspended for two weeks without salary after an investigation by the management of the hospital, following allegations made by the BBC Africa Eye.