Speaking on TV3’s program, ‘’Key Points’’ hosted by Lawyer Abena Tabi On Saturday 9th January 2020, Security Analyst and Author of ‘’ The Ghana Voter 2020’’ said, if security detailing at the house of parliament is not well managed, could give rise to a Coup. He said this making emphasis to the Military invasion during the process of the election of the speaker of the 8th Parliament.

He said the first point of call for intervention should have been a reinforcement by the Martials of parliament or alternatively inviting the police unit of the Parliament house to intervene to restore law and order for the proceedings to move on.

He described the situation in parliament as a matter of law and order enforcement and protection of parliamentarians which the police could have dealt with, therefore the invasion of the Military was in appropriate.

The Military is not deployed to maintain law and order in democracy, something is wrong with the current trend of using Military in almost everything, be it escort of Prophets, Land settlements, Government ceremonies, and they are not the first line responders he added.

‘’There’s sanctity attached to the house of parliament therefore the military cannot just walk in like their parade grounds even when it’s empty because of its sacredness.’’ He said.

Col. Festus Aboagye also admonished the Ghana Police Service who have the mandate constitutionally to maintain law and order within the state including parliament to educate or inform the public on their concept of operations on some of this public activities in order not cause fear and panic.