Walk down any street, any highway in your area and you will see garbage all over. You will see people walking and ignoring the litter they pass by. You may even see someone throw rubbish from a car or just drop it as they walk. Who do they think is going to pick it up? Who do you believe should pick it up?

Sadly, there has never been so much trash on our roads and highways. The COVID pandemic has compounded this problem with the use of disposable masks and gloves. The gutters and sidewalks are quite literally littered with these items beyond the water bottles, cans, plastic wrappings, straws and newspapers that have traditionally been casually discarded onto the ground. That is not a healthy way to live.

To change this, all of us need to recognize that we have a role to play if this is going to stop. We can do something about this, as part of a community effort. The answer is to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for their own waste, but when you see any litter, rather than stepping over or around it, you pick it up and take ownership of disposing of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

This culture change will not happen overnight. It starts one day at a time, day-after-day, working at the awareness of waste management and the action of picking rubbish up or being responsible for it, and eventually, we can become a litter-free community.