Journalist and social commentator, Redeemer Buatsi has descended on the Ghana Football Federation following the abysmal performance of the Ghana Black Stars in the ongoing African Cup of Nations.

Taking to his social media pages, Redeemer slammed the GFA for the woes of the National team, arguing that the current performance of the Black Stars is a result of the many years of inefficiency in the player selection process that eventually make up the team.

He also made the point that since the GFA has been operating like an agency, competent players who do not have any links in the GFA will never get called to play for the national team, a situation that has resulted in the continuos decline in the quality of players and football of the Black stars since 2010.

Redeemer also wondered if the Black Stars had been sold to Jordan Ayew, since the coach has consistent seen his underperformance but still goes on the add him to the team.

He is of the conviction that until the Black Stars is depoliticized, Ghanaians should not expect anything better from this current team.

The full post on his Facebook wall reads:

“Whether the Black stars win and qualify or not, I think this is the time to talk about the performance of the team and the whole Black stars-GFA relationship.

These are facts our sports journalists know but refuse to talk about:

On who gets called to join the Black Stars:

1. The GFA has its own list

2. The sports ministry has a list

3. The presidency has a list

4. The ruling political party has a list

5. Other powerful political actors have their own lists.

Infact, one of my friends who is a sports journalist told me the GFA has become like a recruitment agency. If you don’t have your agent in there as a player, forget about dreaming to join the national team.

The implication of this dubious set up has been the consistent decline in the quality of players that eventually join the national team. This means that no matter a local player’s competency, his inability to get an ‘agent’ within the GFA or other powerful actors means he might never get to play for the national team , even if they want to play for free.

I have always said that we have very good players who would want to play for the national team for free, but the wicked leaders within the sports value chain would always choose money over national interest.”