Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) together with its allied Associations across the country began a strike on Monday, September 21, 2020, over their service conditions.

It comes after the failure of the government to agree with the health workers on their demand for improved conditions of service.

In a press release, the GRNMA tabled the following reasons for the strike

  1. Fuel and car maintenance allowance
  2. Professional development allowance
  3. Accommodation/ rent allowance
  4. Uniforms allowance
  5. Book and research allowance
  6. Rural allowance
  7. Transportation allowance
  8. On-call duty allowance

They added that “Restoration of the car waiver for nurses Restoration of the conversion difference that was canceled during the implementation of the SSSS.

Also, there is the aspect of the salary itself where we have tabled an increase of 20% of the market premium since it has refused to grow since 2010. A percentage of our salaries too should be increased for all nurses, midwives, CRAs, and PAs. This we ask to be paid with arrears from January 2020.

Now, amongst all the above, the government rejected all except one which is Fuel and car maintenance allowance. Even with that, the government proposed to purge it at the level of PNO. This amongst others are the reasons why GRNMA have taken the current stands” they said.

They further advised the general public to seek medical attention from other health facilities.