The President of the Ghana Flying Disc Association, Desmond Kwame Mantey has called on Ghanaians to adopt the flying disc game to promote good health, peace and unity among Ghanaians. He said this at the maiden edition of the Ghana Flying Disc Association official meeting which was held in Accra on the 21St of May 2021 at the office premises at exactly 11:00 am. The meeting which was attended by members and key stakeholders including officers from the district assembly, traditional officeholders, and ex-sportsmen created a platform for a wide range of issues to be addressed in line with the development of the flying disc game in Ghana.

He gave a brief history of the Flying Disc game which was developed in 1948 by Walter Morrison. On January 23, 1957, Wham-O bought the rights to the invention and released it later under the trademarked name Frisbee.

The soft-spoken leader added that the flying disc game is certainly going to create more options for our youth in their quest to enjoy sports for good health and wellbeing. The nature of the disc sports game makes it appealing to quite a large number of new players all over the world and as part of our aims, the Ghana Flying Disc Association will ensure that the game appeals to our youth especially girls in all parts of the country. Mr. Cobbinah Abraham the vice president also hinted that the Ghana Flying Disc Association will be working to support the promotion of the UN SDG 2030 by implementing programs to address environmental conservation and development of more green spaces that could be beneficial to the growth of the flying dis game in Ghana. He further noted that the current problems our generation face needs innovative ways to overcome these problems and the Ghana Flying Disc Association will be looking to come up with innovative programs that can address some of our current global issues by supporting the development of our youth and the conservation of our environment. The general secretary Mr. Peter Asideu, also said the GFDA will collaborate with all stakeholders including the National Sports Authority and World Flying Disc Federation – the official sanctioning organization for the disc sports worldwide, to promote the game in all comers of the country. He added that the foundation plans to distribute over 10,000 discs in the coming years to support the development of the game in all regions of the country.

Desmond Mantey, urged all and sundry on board, ahead of the inauguration of the Ghana Flying Disc Association in the coming weeks.
He concluded that Flying disc sports have made significant contributions to socio-economic development in parts of the world where it is played and it is the fervent hope of the GFDA that the game will empower our youth, create resilient communities and contribute to socio-economic development.


Source: Samuel Alabi Tetteh