The Akuse Government Hospital established in 1911 successfully carried out its first delivery of conjoined twins (Siamese twins).

Happy to report that mother and conjoined babies who are all my beloved constituents from Torgorme are well and doing great.

I celebrate the medical team led by Odade3 Dr. Tyrus Valmont for this remarkable feat.

Grateful to the management of Akuse Government Hospital for the invitation to witness this very rare phenomenon.

It is worth noting that even though the health facility is located in the Eastern Region, it serves many of my constituents in the Torgorme/Fodzoku/Juapong enclave because of proximity and an impressive track record.

To mark the historic occasion, I donated an infant incubator to end years of lack of an incubator at the hospital.

I also donated other items requested by the experts for mother and children and pledged to shoulder all financial commitments including the cost of final surgery leading to the separation of the conjoined babies who appear to be joined at the thorax.

It is most gratifying that medical experts remain optimistic.

Let’s keep our adorable twins in prayers, please.