Brother Pius Agyemang,SVD was born on the 3rd of September 1944 in Kyekyewere, a village thirty-six miles from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. His father was Catholic but his mother, a gifted traditional musician.

He did not get to know his faith until he was six, when an aunt, who was a devout Catholic and a member of the parish choir, frequently took him to Mass and encouraged him to sing.

The Catholic way of life was a mystery to many of his friends especially when it came to confession. How could anyone tell a priest their most personal secrets? But when he was twelve years old, a diocesan priest, an African, came to his village. It was a revelation because the priest gave him advice about his personal life in a way that he could understand.

It was a different experience compared to the European priests because this man spoke in his language and had the same expressions. It was then that he decided to enter religious life.

Because Brother Pius responded to God’s call to the brotherhood, the lives of thousands of people have been touched as God has been revealed to them through his music. If he had chosen the priesthood, with its many sacramental and pastoral duties, he would not have had the opportunity or time to fully explore his God-given talents for the service to the church and God’s people.

“Even though priesthood is so good, the Lord wants me to go around doing good with my talents and that is how it happened,” Bro. Pius said. “I am proud to be a brother. I do not want to be any other thing but a brother, for Jesus was a brother to humanity.”

Brother Pius is the longest serving Ghanaian SVD in Ghana.

He has since created a ministry based on his God-given talent for music, and the ability to connect with people. From composing hundreds of songs and dozens of Masses that are infused with African Culture, to expanding the understanding of the liturgy in parishes, to weekly radio and television broadcasts, and performing before dignitaries, including Pope St. John Paul II.

He initiated the Pastoral Liturgy and Music Ministry (PALIMUS)

The Pastoral Liturgy and Music Ministry (PALIMUS) has three areas of operation, namely, Liturgy, Music and Culture. In the area of liturgy, the ministry runs seminars and workshops for parishes, seminaries and religious formation institutes to enlighten them about the teachings of Vatican II, especially as they relate to the Eucharist. The Adehyemma Sacred Choral groups have gained wide reputation in Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Koforidua and Goaso, where they have used Ghanaian music to transform the liturgy.

Brother Pius Agyemang, SVD was among the speakers at the Pan African Congress on Missiology which was organised by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria and the Catholic Missiologists Association of Nigeria (CAMISAN), Pontifical Urban University Rome, in collaboration with the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) and Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa (RECOWA) from the 25th to the 29th of October,2016.

He spoke on “African values in confrontation with the Globalized Society.”

The congress took place at Domus Fidei, Ikeja, Lagos, under the theme: 50 years of Ad Gentes: Fruits of mission in Africa, hope for the future.
(Compiled by Brother Cornelius Dordunu)